Sunday, October 23, 2005


Found a nice vet!

Satsukiyama Animal Hospital

We took our new kitten, Aria, along to the vet's yesterday for her first jab. She was mostly well-behaved, although the train to and from the clinic was a bit unsettling for her. The place we ended up at was Satsukiyama Animal Hospital (click here for mug-shots of the clientele, but our wee Arai-chan's pic for her hospital records is far, far more cute - must ask for a copy when we go for the second dose!), a nice, rather new clinic that seems like a friendly place to take our custom.

I really want to post more kitty photos, but our digital camera bust three days ago! Kitty has a big letter M on her forehead, and looks more like some sort of Power Ranger than a moggy!

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