Monday, October 31, 2005



yellow roseOne of the reasons we bought this flat was due to the garden. Before you start thinking I'm boasting or something, the garden is a mere 35 square metres (377 square feet or 42 square yards, for the non-metric amongst us). We rent it from the management company for 1,000 yen per month, which really is a bargain. Also, in our three storey building, the ground floor, like almost everywhere else in Japan, is the cheapest, with the price going up by 2,000,000 yen per floor! However, the higher up floors in our block get pretty bad light pollution from the railway station right in front of us, and the rooms can be seen a bit from the platform, so all in all selecting the garden has been a plus in so many ways.

Unfortunately, since the garden is just rented, we are not allowed to plant anything other than grass, so everything has to go in planters. The pictured rose is from one of the planters, a really lovely perfectly symmetrical and flawless yellow flower. Excuse the dodgy quality but we still haven't set up our new camera yet, so I had to use my rather so-so mobile phone.

When I talked about my garden at our work lunchtime meetings (you don't want me to explain what a wwork lunchtime meeting is!) I drew heckling from the crowd (a rare occurance since they are usually as quiet as church mice); my boss complained it was bigger than her whole flat (and I forgot to mention the terrace, which is another 15 square metres), and my boss's boss complained that it was bigger than his detached houose's garden!

1000 yen? For real? That's €7.15 per month. Wow. that's worth it!

you're lucky to have a garden! i don't have one at the moment, so i garden at my friends' houses. i've planted so many bulbs this autumn. i'm so proud, of course, but i won't be there to enjoy them.

you can do alot with container gardening. many herbs thrive in containers, you can control for different types of soil, and you don't have to bother about pests as much.

you can do vegetable gardening in your containers as well, and earn back the 1000 yen you spend a month.

best of luck!
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