Friday, October 21, 2005


genre-o-matic project

Following on from a comment by jeff about how no blog is complete until it gets its first cute cat, and considering the various Anti-Housewife Mafia ideas about how no Housewife Mafia blog is complete without a pink theme and baby poo entries, I got thinking there ought to be scope for developing a new site, something like (ooh look, it's available!) that tries to do some sort of automatic genre classification of blogs. Blogflux, for instance, does some sort of fuzzy matching algorithm to find blogs that resemble others, so perhaps extending this theory into a scoring system, where posts tagged as "kitten" or "puppy" get one score; pink and pastel backgrounds get another; those silly weathergirls (the only people who really want to know the weather right now in Onehorsetown, Outer Jibrovia can just look out the window) or watch faces (which are supposed to say what exactly about you or your blog?) get another set of marks; and rittin UR postz diz whey gets your blog auto-deleted. The marks are then weighted, averaged up and otherwise fudged until a classification is arrived at, and the site is automatically inducted into the appropriate gang, be it Housewife Mafia, Baby Bores, Teenage Twee, Illiterate Ghetto or whatever.

So, in best Slashdot fashion, I finish off with a business plan:

  1. Develop genre-o-matic™ web app
  2. Ringfence the Housewife Mafia
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

This post, business plan and the ideas contained herein, forthwith and henceforward © ™ Shiron Chousa 2005, patent pending and other such nonsense, and may anyone caught stealing these ideas have all their blogs Housewife Mafiafied.

I'm in! Seriously, dude, that's a friggin good idea! No. Seriously.
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