Thursday, October 13, 2005


Holiday in Osaka

The last two weeks my parents were here in Japan, and they had many interesting adventures that no doubt I will relate over many blog entries in the future. First, however, there is the common misconception, one which I held too, that Japan is expensive. To the long-termer, it is not necessarily so, as we get to know all the cheap eateries and can order the value set and so on, but for the fresh off the boat person, outside ramen and soba everything is pretty pricey. I had, in fact, warned my parents that about 1500 yen for lunch and 2000 yen per head for dinner may be a fair price to budget for. Admittedly, my parents aren't big eaters, but still, I felt that was a feasible target to aim for. However, come their visit, they decided to frequent the wee restaurant street on the ground floor of their hotel in central Osaka. With their virtually zero Japanese skills they just bumbled in and pointed at the plastic food in the window and ate what came. Simple home cooking is best for them - they are seasoned travellers, and the back-street eateries of Europe are oft frequented - and they got it in abundance. Breakfast was inari sushi, lunch and dinner usually ome-rice or Japanese curry or the like, always under 1000 yen, always delicious. Funnily enough, or not too funnily enough, once you think about it, the worst meal they had was a posh lunchtime set meal at a posh golf club restaurant halfway up a mountain, which I had to pick up the tab for, grumble grumble.

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