Thursday, October 13, 2005


Kitty nibbles

This is a strange story about an alleged cat burglar who got away with some old lady's toes. Note that for those directly involved it is a really worrying event, and no sniggering matter, but the bizarreness of the whole incident fascinates me.

The first time we heard it it just didn't ring true to neither me nor my wife, and the more we learnt about the background, such as the cat being caught red-pawed, the more fishy it smelt. To remove a whole toe or two down to the first joint would be quite a feet, sorry, feat for a little kitty, and anyway what would motivate a cat to even try, without the victim reacting in some way to scare off the cat? There must be some abuse going on in the care facility, and the cat proved a convenient scape-goat as a cover story. Will we ever hear the conclusion of this story, though? I wonder if there will be some sort of behind-the-scenes brown envelopes full of sympathy money?

Japan so often reminds me of Monty Python sketches. This time it is the tiger sketch in the middle of the Meaning of Life.

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