Saturday, October 29, 2005


Reading for pleasure again!

owl reading

My parents dropped off a stack of books when they were here; rather than cart them all the way back home again, better for me to read them we reckoned. Most of them were picked up from charity shops, and no doubt I'll pass them on to Book Off for 10 or 20 yen each when I'm done.

After having spent the last year or so reading half the Yoshimoto Banana back catalogue and a couple of Murakami Ryus, staggering through them at 70% comprehension and 10 pages every 50 minutes (I have a 50 minute train commute), then the Kanji Kentei revision book for two months, it's nice to just relax with my native language. The book I'm going through right now is "Favo(u)rite Son" by Steve Sohmer, real airport novel trashy stuff, easily readable at a page per minute standing up in a wobbly train, and not overtaxing on my pre- or post-work brain. Next is, perhaps, a Douglas Copeland. I once tried reading Microserfs many moons ago, but barely got past the first chapter for reasons I have long since forgotton.

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