Saturday, November 12, 2005


Review: Bom Dia, all over the place, this one in Kawanishi

This restaurant chain is a bit of a strange fish. The feel is very Family Restaurant-like, but unlike most of them, it isn't a huge barn filled with noisy families with father puffing and boozing away. The background music is usually chanson, even though "Bom Dia" is apparently Portuguese for "Good Day". The decor is a bit tatty in places, but at least it's clean. The cooking style is "Western Dining style", which typically means hamburgers of sizzling hot stoneware, and this place is no exception. The staff have an excessively obsequious script to follow, including a wee bow after everything they do. They also have badges with the logo "SMILE! GO! GO! キープスマイリング (ki-pu sumairingu, keep smiling)", but why they needed not one, but two Engrish slogans is anyone's guess! Och, but they're awfie cute wee things, so I'll let them off with it.

The nicest thing about the place is the value pair set - two slices of smoked salmon, a sizeable radish salad, two small sticks of garlic bread, two from eight possible main courses (two ome-rices, three spaghettis, three hamburger) and ice cream and tea, coffee or a soft drink to finish, all for just under 2600 yen for the two of us. Portions are sizeable, and the tomato sauce in their cheese ome-rice is particularly tasty, made with lots of tomato bits left in, not some non-descript sauce. However, the rice is rather heavily laced with chicken, which is tedious to extract. Their current Autumn menu has a warm vegetable salad full of potato, aubergine, broccoli and shimeji mushrooms, a bargain at 420 yen.

Credit cards accepted, and the smoking area (about 20% of the total size) is well fenced-off, in fact the best fenced-off area I have seen anywhere in Japan - an almost full-height partition and a heavy-duty extractor fan near the entrance to it. Make sure you pick up a stamp card, as at one stamp per 500 yen and only 15 stamps to fill up the book, it is well worthwhile.

Value for money★★★★★

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