Wednesday, November 16, 2005


"Vee haf vays ov makink you talk"

Found this rather entertaining article on Japundit about some sort of bonkers corporate English training school.

The teachers had to wear uniformed white smocks with the company’s imperial Nazi-looking eagle symbol emblazoned upon them. When it came to moving about, neither the teachers nor students could just casually stroll to class or the chow hall. We had to move quickly and with purpose even if we were lacking one. Half-remembered dirty cadences from my army training days began popping out of my mouth as I marched about the camp with a look of stern concentration to mask my utter confusion.

For two hours everyday we had Question Training, which consisted of the instructors screaming questions like drill sergeants at their frightened students. We used stopwatches to give each student an exact one-minute barrage of rapid-fire questions. I’m sure we were using a mix of techniques left over from the Cold War for flushing out North Korean spies and World War II POW interrogation procedures.

I would like to think that this sort of training had died a death, but as uncovered by the JR Amagasaki accident, these methods are still in use. The worst our company does, though, is send everyone who wants promotion to senior status off to work for a month at Joshin to experience trying to sell our tat fine products.

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