Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Worst-designed kitty litter ever!

Trying to find a good litter for our kitten to poo in, we tried one made from okara, which is soya bean husks. Interestingly enough, okara is classified as an industrial waste product, as no-one's really too interested in eating it (although I did have some last night (okara, not kitty litter!)), so a lot of it gets chucked away, so they need regulations to control the disposal.

We bought it, and kitty, who does like the occasional nibble at the paper-based products we'd used before, decided she liked the flavour, and started seriously getting into eating the stuff! We checked out the label in more detail, and it said it was edible, but if your cat eats too much, please go to the vet. It also said along with the soya bean husks, it also contained corn starch, so no wonder Aria was finding it so tasty, to such a degree that at one point she was ignoring her fresh food in favour of slightly kittie pee-flavoured litter!

Kitty also started doing wonderfully green-coloured poo, which, thankfully, I'll not upload pictures of. I wonder if since Aria should be teething about now, she wanted something a bit crunchy rather than the rather soggy water-soaked dried food we are currently giving her? I might try going back to the shop and asking for a refund as it seems rather stupid to not add something to dissuade cats from having a nibble.

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